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What is Contemporary Cooking?

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What is Contemporary Cooking?

There's so many different kinds of diets and dietary needs that today's cooks need to know more than just the culinary basics. Boil in a bag, heat in microwave, and OPEN HEAT SERVE are no longer acceptable means of serving a meal to the family.

If you and your spouse/significant-other/partner need to watch your fat and sodium intake, you can't eat the same way your teen-age son/daughter eats. You can't cook the same way for your vegan friends as you do for your omnivore friends. And you can't cook and bake the same way for those with food allergies as you do for those who don't have food allergies.

Contemporary cooking is the concept of cooking to meet the nutritional needs of individuals. If you cook for people who need to watch their fat and sodium intake, have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, or prefer a vegetarian diet, and you cook to meet those dietary needs, you are a contemporary cook.

Contemporary cooking isn't limited to heart-healthy diets, vegetarian diets, and gluten free diets. People with diabetes or are lactose intolerant also require specific dietary needs. People with any type of food allergy, or those with such conditions as rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia also benefit from following diets that aid in alleviating symptoms associated with those conditions.

In my family, it's the heart-healthy, gluten-free, vegetarian triad that sets the guidelines for my contemporary cooking. My blog, Contemporary Cooking, explores techniques, products and recipes for these three dietary approaches. productions produces videos on a variety of subjects and posts to YouTube. Contemporary Cooking videos include demonstrations of my original recipes. You'll find the videos posted on my blog as well as on YouTube.

I hope you'll find my blog posts, articles and videos helpful, and please feel free to leave comments or questions on my blog or on our channel at YouTube.

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